Now that Winter is almost here and the promise of cooler days just a weather report away, leggings are out in full force. Maybe it's the influence of celebs like Lindsay Lohan (consider your role models, ladies!), but I can't help but notice all the seemingly sensible women stepping out of doors wearing leggings in lieu of pants. The number of sightings is truly disturbing. With the legging trend still going strong, I thought it our duty to remind wayward fashionistas how to wear them and, most importantly, how not to wear them.


Leggings are:  

Let's get one thing straight: leggings, tights, which like fishnets, thigh-highs and Spanx, are another category of hosiery. Hosiery is an undergarment. Self-explanatory, no?

Now having arrived at this critical juncture, I will concede to a few instances in which wearing tights as pants is acceptable: namely if you are a dancer, under the age of 12 or wearing a Halloween costume. 

Now that we've cleared that up, let's talk how amazing and versatile leggings are on their own merit. You can wear them with a button-down long shirt belted around the waist and ankle boots. Or with flats and a long blazer. This is a sharp and classy look but still very comfortable. It's safe to proclaim that tops should, in almost all cases, be long enough to cover the buttocks when wearing leggings.

Jeggings are:

THE BEST things ever invented as long as you follow the rules - jeggings are NOT pants. And as long as your butt and any hint of camel toe are covered... you are laughing. Even if your jeggings do err quite comfortably on the jean side of the equation, very few of us can actually get away with pairing them with a short top. Cheers to you if you can. For the rest of us, longer tops are our jegging friends. What you are aiming to do here is balancing proportions in your outfit. When you balance the slim structure of the jeggings and flowy unstructured in the top, it's a winning combo. You can then create shape using a jacket - and yes the jacket should be shorter than the top to achieve this.  Pair your look with a substantial heel, a chunky bootie, or tall boot.

Treggings are:

Really it's just a Kelly-ism that means Trousers and Leggings combined. I think I used to call them cigarette pants but I don't think cigarettes are good for you even in a pant!  What is also means that a Tregging IS a pant so it is okay to wear these fashionable gems with a shorter top, if you wish. Keep in mind, body type and proportion are essential but most shapes can wear this type of style. I'm pairing mine with a blazer and a pair of lace-up booties!


Written by Kelly Campbell

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