french terry Gill leggings by Kelly Wollf

When I got up this morning, it was so chilly in my house and guess what I pulled on?  Leggings!  For those who know me well, this will come as a surprise and a shock; however, I have been reaching more often for my Kelly Wollf Gill leggings in French Terry.  In a season where the wide leg rules, I am finally in love with leggings!  I know, I know so weird but here’s why…

I think we have grown up in our fashion tastes and in embracing the wide leg we have changed our outlook on leggings.  These skinny styles don’t go away but they also become what they were always meant to be—underpinnings.  The legging has morphed into what I feel is more of a slim pant and with so many floaty tunics, oversized tops and shorter dresses, the legging is a great alternative to tights as it gives more substance and structure to the outfit.

At the risk of sounding like an infomercial, the other great thing about choosing the Kelly Wollf Gill legging it is also able to be “made to order” for your particular shape and tastes. Off the rack sizing is well tested as I am committed to sizing and fits that works for many different body types, however, if you need adjustments, we will happily do that! Our sewing team is ready for you!

So let the 70’s fashion rage on (we’re in!) and then give a little 80’s (no stirrup pants please!) and 90’s Modern Grunge some awesome layering with a legging. 

Written by Kelly Campbell Duguid

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