After one helleva 2020, I don't think I am alone in anxiously awaiting what 2021 has in store. January is typically a month for reflections, inspirations, and resolutions; 2021 will be no exception. C'est Sera + Kelly Wollf have always been ahead of the curve and I see some great things coming! Things to inspire and encourage! Things that are the silver lining that have come out of 2020 and will definitely influence how our new year will go.
We have so many things to be grateful for and with the new year already trundling along quite quickly (is it the 6th already??) we are forecasting some fabulous trends. Remember you saw it here first!
We encourage you to still shop local and celebrate! Here's to 2021.

Professional Loungewear

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin.

This catchphrase is from the BBC radio show Listen with Mother which ran between January 1950-September 1982. Fast forward to today and that phrase is a catch all for working or learning from home. With many people continuing to work remotely, it seems people aren't rushing back to their pre-pandemic business causal jet yet. Instead, we are predicting that lounge wear that can double as workwear is going to be big in 2021.

We are showing a "power suit" version of the WFH uniform. Way more polished that your PJ's (but just as comfortable!) and more professional than sweats and a hoodie, these work worthy styles are all about the fabrics and details. From easy to wear separates to polished knits, the professional loungewear collection has something for you.

Kelly Wollf Loungewear has started to arrive! Designed and made right here in Edmonton by me and my team of sewists, Kelly Wollf is our house brand that has the pulse on what you want right now--perfectly casual pieces with an elegant vibe. Plus we love natural fibers of bamboo, cotton, linen and hemp.

Our Kelly Wollf has started arriving in store and will be online soon!

Japan + Scandinavian = Japandi

Interior design meets C'est Sera + Kelly Wollf

I make up words all the time, but I think one has to be one of my all time favourite. I have been lusting after the Japanese rustic minimalist aesthetic and have always been attracted to Scandinavian functionality.

Many interior designers speak of these two influences in terms of storage solutions, colour palettes and furniture. But, what about clothing design?

How can you not think of Japanese design influence when you're seeing bamboo prints and bamboo based fabrics? Think kimono jackets and wide legged pants over dresses. My long time love for the practical and beautiful influence of Scandinavia can be seen in on the mark sustainable fabrics, all season basics and a colour palette that comes right out of the Scandinavian country side. Think button front dresses to double as dusters, quirky layering of toques worn with flowing dresses and superb all season fabrics.

I think Japandi is a trend that isn't a trend. It's about classic clean lines, simple but warm colours and textures that are perfect to fall in love with. It's speaks to slow fashion with strong layering to suit style and weather. And it sings my song!

Safe Social

We need each other now more than ever.

I'm not going to get political here. I am just going to point out that all you have to do is look around your own household or social media feeds to find people who are struggling to stay positive and connected. Staying home to work, learn, shop is tough. We are inherently social beings and scrolling along social media feeds can also take it's toll on your mental health. From Covid statistics to world events, it's tough out there.

So remember we are your safe social. We always have been interested in having a great conversation while you shop. We have learned and experienced so much together! And after 20+ years we aren't changing that fact because our world is upside down right now.

We hope you see our relationship with you as symbiotic. We get to have a business that we enjoy and support your local community and you get to have a safe, interesting and caring place to shop. With vaccines on the horizon for some, we still have a lot to manage. But, come do it with us safely. We have appointment shopping, drop by shopping within our capacity limits, curbside pick up, online shopping and virtual shopping. We are doing our best to be safe and to keep our store going. We will still want to kibitz about life and stuff, no matter how to choose to shop with us!

Shopping with us also is extra important to both you and us right now.

Working, schooling yourself or kids, having more family under foot (is your partner at home leaving the cheese and empty cracker packages on the counter after lunch?), trying to do some physical exercise at home because your gym is closed, how to do a Covid birthday, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning; ... there are many more and different things pressing on us these days. Take a moment. Shop with us (if you are able to). It's a safe way to support local and get some human* interaction!

*Not that we're saying your family isn't human... ;)
Written by Kelly Campbell Duguid

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