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Soon C'est Sera will be re-opening our consignment boutique, affectionately known as, Kelly's Closet. 

Because we sell excellent quality garments, we know that sometimes you have C'est Sera clothing in your closet that are in great condition, but you are not wearing them any longer.  

Whether you want to make some money or unclutter your closet, C'est Sera Consignment is for you, plus it's good for the environment! 

If you have said one of these statements we think you should come consign with us!

  • I have retired and don't need this type of wardrobe any longer
  • It has been two or three years since I was this size
  • I have changed jobs and don't need this look any longer
  • I have a closet full and want to purge what I am not wearing
  • Marie Kondo has inspired me

Here's What We Consign:

Any clothing or footwear purchase made from C'est Sera from January 2015 to now. In order to participate in Kelly's Closet consignment program, you must be entered into our client file system to let us look up your original purchase or have your original receipt.
  • gently used women's clothing originally from C'est Sera in "like new" condition
    • no deodorant marks, no pilling and no stains on your garments
    • all zippers work, buttons are secured and hems are intact
  • gently used women's footwear originally from C'est Sera that is clean and in top notch condition
    • all leathers are polished and clean
    • all laces, zippers and fasteners are in working order
    • all lifts, heels and soles are in excellent condition
  • home ware and furniture consignment is also available.  Please email to request an in home appointment

Here's How It Works:

Book an appointment for dropping off your potential consignment items. Drop offs are available Monday to Friday during business hours.  We can accommodate some appointments after hours or Saturday/Sunday.  Please request and we will do our best to fit you in!
  1. Remember only items purchased at C'est Sera are eligible
  2. Email us at to request an time and date for your drop off
  3. Consignment must be dropped off in Rubbermaid type container(s) with your name and inventory list clearly marked on the outside.  
  4. We will process your items within four days of drop off unless otherwise agreed upon. Items not accepted will be repacked and ready to be picked up or upon request, donated.  A consignment contract will be then prepared and ready to be signed.  Once your contract is signed, your items will be put in store and able to be sold!
  5. we will steam, hang, tag, price and display your items.

consignment clothing boutique in Edmonton with high end clothing

Here's What You Get:

  • We list your item(s) at 60% off of the original price
  • We find your body double in our data base (someone who is a similar size and style of your consigned items)
  • We market and sell your items
  • You receive 60% of the selling price back in a C'est Sera gift card when your items have sold.

So don't wait another minute!  Contact us at and book your drop off! What do you have to lose?

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