Everyone Needs a Hero :: The Key to Building a Better Wardrobe

Kelly Campbell Duguid

In a world of fast fashion and fleeting trends, it's time to rethink the way we build our wardrobes. Welcome to the era of the wardrobe hero, a concept that not only simplifies your daily outfit choices but also helps you make sustainable, cost-effective fashion choices. The hero piece comes into play when you have curated your essential wardrobe and are looking to maximize your looks. 

Let's dive into how to create a wardrobe that's not just stylish but also eco-conscious, and smart spending friendly ...

What I Learned from Karl Langerfeld's Last Collection

Kelly Campbell

Chanel has always been a favourite of mine.  And while I haven't got one piece of the iconic brand in my closet, I have many pieces inspired by Chanel.  And inspiration is what fashion is for me.  I have learned that even the "big" names don't have merit or value in my fashion world (aka my closet) unless they inspire me. 

Even as a young girl, I loved to take the looks of the designers and make them into Barbie clothes and later on my own clothes.  My mother taught me to sew and even though I was very much a tomboy, I always loved fashion and love creating something that was expressing me. 

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How to Layer like a Designer...