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Textile Junkie: French Terry

Posted by Kelly Campbell Duguid on

French Terry fabric
We've all heard of Terry cloth - it's what our towels are made of, but if you've been keeping an eye on the fashion industry, a long time favourite is something called French Terry. Sure we love all things French but what actually is French terry and why do we love it so much?


French Terry fabric is a knitted terry cloth fabric that features loops and soft piles of yarn on one side, (usually the inside of a garment), and a smooth, soft surface on the other side. The result is an absorbent, light-weight, moisture-wicking material that's super comfortable to wear any day of the year. It's heavier than a t-shirt, yet lighter than most sweatshirts, and works well by itself or as a layer over or under another piece. New sustainable French Terry now includes bamboo and lyocell fibers too.

Now that I've explained it, you'll probably start to recognize it everywhere - even on clothing you already own. French Terry has been around since the 1980's, so there's a pretty good chance you have something made with it and didn't even know it!
bamboo french terry tops by Gilmour Clothing
French Terry continues to be extremely popular, and we love it! Why? Let me count the ways I love thee...
  1. Super Comfy - the soft piles of yarn on the inside of the fabric feel soft and cozy against your skin.
  2. Made to Keep You Cool & Dry - moisture-wicking properties draw sweat away from your body -cotton threads can absorb up to 27 times its weight in water! This is a great feature whether you are hot flashing or tend to be chilled.
  3. Flexible - French Terry has the perfect amount of give to provide stretch and flexibility. Soft, "bouncy" and stretchy French terry is perfect for so many styles.
  4. Great for Layering - heavier than a t-shirt, but lighter than a sweatshirt, so it can be worn pretty much year round both under and over other pieces
Now that you're in love with French Terry - how can you get it or get more of it? 
Oh, so easy... just pop in store or shop online and get your French Terry fix.