"I am not a one (wo)man band, I want to sing a duet"


I must be looking for inspiration through music... all these lyrics keep rambling in my head from songs that have been "speaking" to me. I guess it makes sense as I am getting ready to venture off on a new way of shopping at C'est Sera.

The pandemic, COVID-19, not only has changed the way we were doing business, it is going to change the way we will do business.

So what will the new way forward be? I'm still working on it! I don't know exactly what it is, but I know what it feels like. It feels more personal. It feels more relaxed. It feels more local.

In the meantime, I have put a few things into place as I weave my way around what's in my head and how C'est Sera + Kelly Wollf will evolve into the New Normal.


We will "be open" on Thursday, May 14. We will be taking appointments and we will be okay with some walk ins. The link below will take you to the place where you can make an appointment. 

Make An Appointment


We will "be open" fewer hours than before. Until we know what the new normal actually is we will be open modified hours. 

Check Out Our New Hours


We will still "be open" 24/7 online. Our pricing and selections online may be different than what's in store. We have some designers that we have been doing a Designer Direct program and we will continue doing so. Plus there are a few logistical things that change the way we can program our online store that limits how and what we sell online.


We will "be open" with each other and have patience. We will have patience. All of us! (yes, that is an affirmation!) This is uncharted territory and C'est Sera + Kelly Wollf is committed to be apart of your fashion adventures!

We are so very grateful for your support as we navigate this new way forward!  

Kelly + the Wollf Pack
Written by Kelly Campbell Duguid

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