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One of our favourite things to do is travel and explore the world.  One of our least favourite things to do is to figure out what to pack!  Between checking the weather forecast to doing laundry, packing sometimes can be a stress and a chore.  But, don't let packing damper your excitement of travel!  Follow our easy guidelines to have a calm, easy time packing.  Bon Voyage!

European Travel:

Not only do we love the European way of life... wine with lunch, yes please!  But we also love the European sense of style.  Are you travelling to an European destination?  Here are some easy guidelines to make certain you are well styled and stress free in your wardrobe while away.

packing for europe capsule wardrobe ideas

  1. Pack in a colour palette.  By packing fewer items that all can be worn together we find you have a beautiful capsule wardrobe to wear while away and then when you are back home.  We are in love with the cinnamon and navy palette.
  2. Bring your stylish shoes!  Of course you will want to be comfortable but you also will want to be fashionable.  Bring a fashion sneaker, an ankle bootie and a versatile flat.  Women in Europe dress well for the evening {don't panic, just prepare} and usually that involves smart looking footwear.  
  3. Prepare for feeling colder than it is.  In Alberta especially it is dry and cold in the Winter.  If you are going away to Europe the weather is much nicer but remember that the humidity will make you feel colder.  So +15C in Spain will feel like +8C and in the UK it will feel a little cooler still.
  4. Spend your travel time sight seeing, not shopping.  Maybe it's because I spend my days "shopping" with my clients, but I rarely shop when away.  I feel committed to shopping local and eating and seeing awesome things when I am away.  I rather be deciding what's for dinner than looking for a top.  Spending your time exploring will give you a sense of adventure and truly an European experience. 

packing for europe capsule wardrobe

Need some help or inspiration for packing?  Come on in store and we would be delighted to help.  

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