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Fashion Inspiration

Undesirable Diversion

Posted by Kelly Campbell Duguid on

During a recent conversation I had with a client, we were discussing her plans to return to work. Her “chosen profession” was not considered an essential service, so her return to work was part of the first phase of returns.

We were conducting our appointment via ZOOM, and when she told me “they are making me returning to work SOON”, not only did her throat constrict but her eyes about popped out of her head….. panic was ... 

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The New Normal at C'est Sera Boutique

Posted by Kelly Campbell Duguid on

"I am not a one (wo)man band, I want to sing a duet"


I must be looking for inspiration through music... all these lyrics keep rambling in my head from songs that have been "speaking" to me. I guess it makes sense as I am getting ready to venture off on a new way of shopping at C'est Sera.

The pandemic, COVID-19, not only has changed the way we were doing business, it is going to change the way we will do business.

So what will the new way forward be? I'm still working on it! I don't know exactly what it is, but I know what it feels like. It feels more personal. It feels more relaxed. It feels more local.

In the meantime...

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WFH: Why You Need to Ditch Your Sweatpants

Posted by Kelly Campbell Duguid on

Dressed? Or well dressed? Know why the difference matters

You might not think you need to dress well in your home office, while home schooling, or while online shopping. You might think "Nah..." I will just wear my sweatpants, it doesn't matter.

But think again.

Research tells us... 

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COVID-19 Special Edition :: How To Stay At Home + Support Local

Posted by Kelly Campbell on

In our commitment to local and self isolation we have tried to put together a list of some local businesses (ours included!) that still have access to their products while social distancing.

By no means is it comprehensive, but I have done my best to list some businesses I know or know of!  If you know a local business that needs a shout out email me at thepack@kellywollf.com.  

Thank you and stay home!!

Food: ... 

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What is Slow Fashion?

Posted by Kelly Campbell on

The last few years a wave of change has been sweeping through the fashion industry, fueled by the global affect on the planet, people and animals, the fashion industry started to take notice. An increasing number of brands are rejecting the principles of Fast Fashion, as a more sustainable approach to making clothes comes back to the forefront. The Slow Fashion movement is here, but what is Slow Fashion?

The beginnings of Slow Fashion...

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