The C'est Sera Capsule Wardrobe

 A “Capsule Wardrobe” are the essential items that are the work horse of your wardrobe; the pieces don’t go out of style, can be dressed up or down and can be used in multiple seasons.

 capsule wardrobe danish spring 2019

How to build a capsule wardrobe:

  • Start with a base colour (commonly pick two of black, white, navy or grey),
  • Then add an accent colour (try a pop of gold, red or pink),
  • Building upon this, add a few pieces with texture and pattern,
  • Plus, footwear that get you everywhere,
  • Also bag that carries your necessities and
  • Finally, a scarf and accessories for pizazz and a pop of colour.

Typically a capsule wardrobe is 8-12 pieces that work together.  They don't have to be boring or plain. The pieces that you choose will depend on your lifestyle and style expression.  It is also the place to invest in the best quality items you can afford as your price per wear will determine your best value.  Do not scrimp on quality or fit. 

classic capsule wardrobe spring 2019

The capsule wardrobe helps us maximize our closet, make it easier to look great and even pack the best suitcase for the next flight out.


Need help putting together your best capsule wardrobe?  This is a free service we have provided at C’est Sera for the last 18+ years!  Come and see and feel the difference personalized customer service makes.  8239 104 Street. 

Kelly Campbell
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Fancy Pants

Fancy Pants

This year, bold has taken a new turn and it's definitely here to stay. No longer is it acceptable to stick with what's ordinary. It's time to think outside the box, stand out, and be bold.  One of the biggest looks that has stayed since last year (and will continue!) is bold pants--floral prints and colourful bottoms. 

floral print pants on a female model

These styles are easy to style and wear--pair with neutral tops and flats for an easy spring look.  Warm up your look with a sweater and cool boots for the next season.  This great look is fabulous for the `been there done that crowd`.  If you want to be extra bold you can add a pop of colour on top to create a zesty style!  Have fun and just do it!!
Kelly Campbell
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How to Wear Desigual

How to Wear Desigual

With its vibrant colors and lively patterns, Desigual can be a little intimidating for some. But these amazing statement pieces aren't just for the brave and bold, when paired with everyday basics like jeans, button-up blouses, and solid jersey knits, your Desigual favorites become subtle accents. It's such a versatile brand, lending itself from day-to-evening, weekend-to-workday, and of course, the special occasions in-between... It's all about how YOU wear it!

By integrating Desigual with the basics you love, you can take a comfy, casual look up a notch and feel extra special. By incorporating just one piece from this iconic Spanish brand, you can give the basics in your closet a Desigual dose of WOW!

Check out our Desigual Collection ONLINE (there's always more in store!)

Desigual is available on line and instore at C'est Sera (8239 104 Street)

Kelly Campbell
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How To Layer A Dress Over Pants

woman wearing a dress over pants

Each season during fashion week, we are presented with new runway trends. We see them firsthand sitting front row at the shows and often on the streets, thanks to our favorite style setters, who get to wear certain pieces right off the runway. In turn, the whole experience leaves us wanting to experiment with our very own wardrobes. But try as we might, there are just some trends that take extra special guidance to properly pull off.

The latest perplexing fashion idea? Wearing a dress over pants. On a cool spring day, when the weather isn’t quite warm enough for bare legs or when you have a dress that is too short to be office appropriate, layering it over a pair of pants is a chic alternative. Still, the combination can look messy if not done correctly.

So in an attempt to help you pull off this ever-so-cool pairing, we turned to a few of our very own experts for their styling secrets. According to our stylists, it all starts with finding the right pant, preferably in black or a darker hue. From there, you can pair the bottom with a number of dresses without having to think twice. But what is the difference between the right and wrong pant? Read below as owner Kelly Campbell and stylist Alysha D. and Aaron O break it down for you.

Look For A Streamlined Pant 

"The pant you wear for this look shouldn’t have too many belt loops, pockets, or pleats," says Alysha. “This way there are no bumps or lumps under your dress.” 

Layer With Leggings 

dress over pant fashion file

Kelly turned to Celine RTW for inspiration. "Layering with a really thin legging-like pant (I call it a tregging) underneath is another option that will do the trick.” 

Keep Things Loose

Aaron suggests an oversize look: “I would keep the top and pants equally loose, so you create a roomy look that flows well together.” 



Kelly Campbell
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One Fashion Rule You Should Never Ever Break

Time and time again ladies all around the world break this one fashion cardinal rule:  Buy the Outfit

I hear it all the time! I bought the skirt (or pant, or top or....) and I have nothing to wear with it!  This is THE rule that you should not break! Perhaps buying the outfit is more expensive on the outset, but seriously what good is a skirt you bought on sale if you have no way of wearing it?  Find the outfit and buy the outfit.

What to do if you have broken the rule?  Or what do you do if you followed the rule and the matching pieces were eaten by rabid squirrels?

You bring your orphan pieces into C'est Sera and we help you build an outfit.  Any day.  Free of charge.  So bring us your orphaned and we will make you happier than Annie!

Kelly Campbell
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