Anne-Marie Chagnon No. 25 Pre-Sale Collection

Anne-Marie Chagnon epitomizes our 2020 year of being BOLD.

"It is without regret and with the insatiable need to create that I have undergone the last 25 years. I create always looking ahead, going forward. My appetite for emtion, meaning, beauty; my eagerness to understand and share what brings me to life; are what keep me going. I don't know how and what I would do otherwise. The is what guides me, motivates me, day after day."

No.25 celebrates 25 years of artistry, passion, hard work and devotion; but most of all it celebrates Anne-Marie's ceaseless imagination, dedicated team and loyal fans.

Pre-Order Anne-Marie's No. 25 Collection and receive a 15% pre-order discount until Monday, January 27th.
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