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La Petite Francaise

Since its creation in 1991, La Petite Française has designed her collections by combining elegance and comfort, like the inimitable look of Parisians. The silhouette combines naturalness and refinement, key words of creation where everything is designed for simply beautiful women. All over the world, customers praise La Petite Française as the line for modern, chic and active women.

Real and sincere commitment of the brand to its customers, all the Collections are designed and manufactured 95% in France. A guarantee not only of quality but also of responsiveness to meet the 'just in time' demand and stay in tune with the fashion of the moment. 

We work with La Petite Française and their direct importer in Vancouver.  The line is only produced to what we have ordered and this keep the selections special and unique.  You know that you are getting the look, the quality and the attention to detail straight from Paris!