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Orange Avocado Jewelry


I am a jewelry designer from Edmonton, Alberta, and began my jewelry line in 2004. I was always able to make “something from nothing” where my love of art, creation, and individuality shone through. Restless for something fresh and challenging, I began to venture into the world of hand made jewelry, metalworking of precious metals … pure silver, bronze, gold-filled metals, copper, stainless steel and brass.

So, in my Edmonton studio I create away using mostly fine silver (99.9% silver) and bronze precious metal clay. Every piece is created by hand; from my initial sketches to the actual hand sculpting and metal working of the kiln fired pieces. There is no mass production involved.  I create each piece one by one where each piece is unique.

My inspiration comes from runs and bike rides along the beautiful Edmonton river valley.   The scenery that I pass is ever changing along the paths of trees, leaves and dirt and gravel trails that I have ridden for years.  My jewelry is ever-changing; ever-evolving just like those trails. I like to challenge myself and go beyond the ordinary to create something that is exquisite, wearable & most of all unique. My jewelry is a combination of classic modern design with natural elements.

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