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AAKASHA Vidin Asymmetrical Buttoned Blazer

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An exceptional stylish jacket with fold-over sleeves and a notched, wide collar. Pair with leggings for either a professional look or a casual, party look!
  • The sleeves can fold over to create cuffs, which makes it even more elegant.
  • Notched wide collar; one front button, emphasizing tightly the waist.
  • The back is unique, with draping lapels that fall just below the waist over the hips.
  • The lines of the seams additionally shape the back in a sharp and eye-pleasing way.

Aakasha is a Bulgaria based Fashion brand, started in 2012 by Milena Stefanova and Elena Ilieva. We create avant-garde street clothing and accessories for women and men, regardless of their age or size. Artistic and quirky in a sophisticated way, Aakasha is the daily challenge for you to dare to be unique and different.

Aakasha represents the free spirit and soul's endless desire for freedom. Our fashion creations express it with free cuts, clear forms, oversized silhouettes and unisex models that fit any body type.