Olang Grace Two Zip Tall Boot with Grip System

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Stay a little bit safer this winter with the Olang boot grip system. Stay warm and fashionable with these tall boots, the height keeping out snow on those days that the snow is a little too high for ankle boots! Thick, comfortable, and sure to keep those toes warm!

  • Removable insole allows an orthopedic expert to replace it with a foot orthosis, modify and improve the fit of the boot
  • Two robust inner and outer zippers allowing a bigger opening
  • Easy fitting
  • BREATHTEX waterproof membrane
  • Comfort zone up to -30°C

This product does not prevent slipping on cold, smooth, wet, frozen or snowy slippery surfaces. Always walk carefully. The grips are not designed for indoor use and could damage such surfaces. This product should be used in a responsible and proper manner. It is important to ensure that the grip system is securely attached to the sole at all times.