Elsie Grey Jewelry Messina Ear Cuffs

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Draw attention to your ears with Elsie Grey's Messina ear cuffs. Crafted with 24K gold and Rhodium plated over brass, these glimmering ear cuffs feature a unique chain design and 4mm ball ear studs for a jewelry look that is sure to dazzle! Don't risk your ears with inferior materials - the secure surgical stainless steel pins ensure you get the sparkle without the risk. Shine on, dazzling one!

  • 24K gold plated/Rhodium plated over brass ear cuff with gold plated/silver plated over brass chain and 4mm ball ear stud with surgical stainless steel pin

  •  To wear, slip and position the cuff at the thinnest part of your ear. Squeeze so it stays in place. To complete your look, place the earring backing behind your earlobe, lining it up with your piercing. Slide your preferred earring stud (or the stud provided) through your piercing and close with the earring backing. To remove, first detach the earring then slide the cuff to the place you first started. Stud earring is included

  • Length of chain: 1.5”
  • Nickel free

Please note that each piece is handmade and will be slightly different, but rest assured, your earrings will still be awesome!

An Edmonton-based designer, Michelle is inspired by many creative places.  Her hands are her greatest asset, as each of her creations are handmade crafted. Michelle loves working with metals and stays on top of the season’s latest trends so that she can use these ideas as a basis for her concepts, before creating her own unique artistic pieces.

Color: Gold Plated