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Iris Setlakwe Zebra Print Chiffon Dress with Belt

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Navy and Ivory zebra chiffon dress with buttons.
This dress with a nice belt at the waist has two side opening to add fluidity to the style of the dress. A jersey navy dress has been inserted to eliminate transparency in the front and the back of the dress.

  • 100% silk-like chiffon (vegan friendly)
  • Hand Wash, Hang to Dry
  • Made in Canada

'The Iris Setlakwe clothing brand was established in Montreal in 2001, with one objective in mind: To create a women’s clothing line that fits perfectly in all the right places, uses nothing but superior-quality textiles, while supporting the local workforce. That focus still remains today. We pride ourselves on the fact that 90% of all our clothing is made in Montreal, it’s part of our DNA to keep it that way.'