Kelly Wollf Sina Eco-Knit Cardigan

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There is a reason we are doubly excited about this cardigan!  Not only is it 1) made locally by designer Kelly Wollf but 2) the fabric is made in Winnipeg!  Yes!  We have found a Canadian fabric mill that makes this outstanding, top quality fabric that we then craft into a ruched collar, long sleeved, comfortable cardigan.

  • 51% cotton, 49% polyester (Oeko-Tex certified)
  • Marled colour
  • Long sleeves
  • Side pockets
  • machine wash on sweater/gentle cycle, lay flat to dry

Committed to comfort, sustainability and style, Kelly Wollf believes that great fitting, imaginatively designed clothes can inspire confidence, change our mindset, and just like art, express ourselves. Fits are rigorously challenged by checking them against a range of women that are the same size but different shapes to ensure we capture the best measurements.  

Color: Chestnut