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Orange Avocado Jewelry HERA Mexican Crazy Lace & Gold Pendant Stretch Bracelet

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Beautiful intricately patterned stones.  

  • Crazy lace agate is a stone of happiness.  This stone is used for balance and protection and increases one's energy and concentration during tasks.  Crazy Lace promotes inner stability & self-confidence.
  • 8mm faceted stones in creamy white and ochre yellow tones.
  • Pendant is a beautiful column of 14 kt gold filled wire wrapped pendant 
  • Gold pendants measure approximately 12mm long
  • You will receive a bracelet similar but not exact as the ones shown as each bead has its own characteristic banding of blue and golden hues and each gold pendant is individually wire wrapped.

Gold filled jewelry is gold that is heat bonded onto a base metal and does not wear off like gold vermeil and gold plated jewelry.  It has 100% more gold than gold vermeil and gold plated jewelry.  As a result will not tarnish because of its high gold content. Gold filled jewelry fulfills the luxury of gold without the cost. Your gold filled jewelry will last for years.

Orange Avocado is made in Sandra's Edmonton studio using mostly fine silver (99.9% silver) and bronze precious metal clay. Every piece is created by hand; from initial sketches to the actual hand sculpting and metal working of the kiln fired pieces. There is no mass production involved, each piece is made one by one creating jewelry that is exquisite, wearable & most of all unique.