Pyrrha White Light Necklace 20” Chain

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White Light

This talisman features a unicorn whose brilliant horn drives away the darkness and evil of the night. White light helps to heal and to transform negativity into positivity.

Sterling Silver

20 Inch Fine Curb Chain

    • Sterling silver chain and lobster clasp with Pyrrha branded quality tag
    • Meaning card (handmade from recycled materials)
    • Black cotton Pyrrha branded pouch
    • Pyrrha branded gift box made from 100% recycled paper
    • Cast in 100% recycled sterling silver or bronze
    • Hand Crafted in Vancouver, Canada

    As a certified carbon-neutral B Corp, Pyrrha is committed to environmental responsibility—their jewelry is sustainably handcrafted with 100% recycled metals in their Vancouver studio using antique wax seals and imagery from the Victorian era.

    Color: Sterling Silver
    Size: 20 Inch Chain