Sisterhood Event Rose as a Muse - Thursday, June 20, 2024 (with Special Guest Chloe Skerlak)

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The Rose as a Muse: A Transformational Journey for Women

In our fast paced, driven world, we often push ourselves past our limits, risking burnout.  The rose teaches us the importance of timing and introspection.

Join us for "The Rose as a Muse," a unique and transformative event designed specifically for women like you who are ready to embrace their journey with authenticity and support. This immersive experience will guide you through the phases of the rose's life cycle—bloom, bud, thorn, and seed—helping you find calm, focus, and a renewed sense of purpose.

Event Highlights:

Inspiring Workshop: Discover where you are in the phases of the rose and how to harness each stage for personal growth and fulfillment.

🌹 Rose Tea Ceremony: Engage in a mindful tea ceremony to connect with the essence of the rose and prepare your mind and spirit for the journey ahead.

🧘‍♀️ Rose Phase Workshop: Experience a workshop that will help you visualize and embody the phases of the rose, promoting inner peace and clarity.

🔄 Cyclic Living with Chloe Skerlak: Learn from Chloe how to listen to your body and live in harmony with its natural cycles, just like the rose.

🤝 Connect and Inspire: Connect with your own essence and be inspired to live your life with awareness and joy.

Investment: New Pricing Structure (see below) This is a unique chance to invest in your well-being and personal growth.

Event Details: 📅 Date: Thurs, June 20 🕒 Time: 6-9pm 📍 Location: Wollf House

Don't miss this chance to transform your life with the wisdom of the rose. Embrace your journey authentically and with support.

🌹 Join us for The Rose as a Muse and bloom into your full potential! 🌹

Choose Your Price: Thurs. June 20 6-9pm