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Aakasha is a Bulgaria based fashion brand, started in 2012 by Milena Stefanova and Elena Ilieva.  Artistic and quirky in a sophisticated way, Aakasha is the daily challenge for you to dare to be unique and different regardless of your age or size.

Focused on modern people with style and purpose, their fabulous clothing and accessories offer a fresh and intelligent perspective on fashion. Aakasha is inspired by our desire to create clothes and accessories with a distinctive style, influenced by the minimalist modern movements, but with outstanding cuts.

As so many surplus clothes are produced all over the world every day, they do not keep their products in stock. In addition to protecting the environment, Aakahsa also values the labor, effort and energy of their team and does a made to order approach. Aakasha has a complete production cycle based in Sofia, where thanks to their beloved team, their creations come to life with a lot of love and creativity.

For you from the Aakasha family!

C'est Sera carries a small selection of Aakasha in store and for instant delivery, but we can order any pieces from the extensive made to order collection.  The collection has an incredibly inclusive size range going from XS-6XL (and sometimes to XXS-8XL).  Once a month we place an on demand order and would be happy to assist you online or instore to procure your custom selections. 

A small selection of their range is in store and for instant delivery. 

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