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Since July 2000 we have been bringing you the best in clothing + accessories + footwear. From our namesake brand Kelly Wollf that's made in #YEG to global, independent brands; we stand for expert styling and superior products.

Elegance is an Attitude

Handloom :: For the woman who approaches style with ageless confidence uncomplicated by passing trends.

Handloom is a minimalist lifestyle brand, blending bohemian
chic with oriental tradition. The Handloom strives to be the cultural
bridge between the ancient ways of Turkey and free-spirited individuals
in the U.S. It is the result of creative lifestyles coming together
through fashion, design, nature and the outdoors.

Designed in Southern California.  Made in Turkey.

Footwear :: The Slow Fashion Way

We are changing the way we choose our footwear. By choosing small batch, artisan companies we can focus on companies that promote sustainability. Ones that prioritize sustainability and ethical practices by using local materials, producing in small quantities, and ensuring fair labour practices.

Supporting these companies can help promote sustainable practices and reduce the environmental impact of mass-produced footwear.

Overall, sustainability in the footwear industry requires a combination of efforts from you, us (we are on board!) so the footwear companies can reduce environmental impact and promote ethical practices.