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What to Use Instead of Salt on Slippery Sidewalks

Posted by Kelly Campbell on

Having a slip free sidewalk is essential and neighbourly.  But sprinkling your waks or drive with most products, including salt, is expensive, not so eco-friendly and potentially not pet friendly.  But what to do when it's +5 in the day and -5 at night?  I don't want to complain for the melt-freeze cycle, but if you don't want to use salt or can't make a hardware store run--here’s a nifty trick.

What you need:  Leftover coffee grounds from a few morning brews and a freshly-shoveled sidewalk.

What you do: Sprinkle the grounds or kitty litter along the walkway (as you would with salt).

Why it works: Like sand and salt, the grounds or kitty litter give you extra footing for safer stepping. Plus, the acid helps ice melt faster.  Extras bonuses are coffee grounds are biodegradable and smell nice too!

So? Consider it an excuse to drink more java!