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How Buying $200 Pants Can Ultimately Save You Money

Posted by Kelly Campbell on

It's tempting to spend $40 on a pair of pants from a cheap store. Don't do it. Why?  Because those pants will cost you too much money. Let me explain...

Let's say you do spend $40 on a pair of pants. You might wear them once a week for a month. But because they wear out quickly, pull at the seams, fade when you wash them and probably drape in an unflattering way, you'll only wear them only twice next month. That's 6 wears or $6.67 per wear. If you buy a pair of $40 pants 6 times in a year you will have spent $240 dollars on pants you can no longer wear (and probably stay in your closet and take up room!).  

If, however, you spent $200 on a pair of quality, awesome fabric pants that fit you ideally and that will wear without conspicuous signs of use, I am pretty certain you will wear those pants once a week for at least two years. That's 104 wears or $1.92 a wear!  In essence the cheap pants cost you more than three times as much as the higher priced ones!  And that does not even include paying yourself for the time and effort it takes to go and shop for new pants all the time. In also doesn't factor in the cost of the environmental impact.  Cheap pants aren't welcomed at the consignment store and the landfill isn't needing more clothing neither!


Buying cheaply is buying disposable clothing.  In our commitment to slow fashion we are challenging you to buy better.