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Colour Trends for 2020

Posted by Kelly Campbell on

At C’est Sera we are always striving to be ahead of the curve.  We look to our European counterparts and Canadian designers to see what they (literally!) have up their sleeves for the next season and the next look.  As we encourage you to invest in fewer pieces in better quality, it is important to have confidence that the items you are buying will have staying power.

Discover the three shades that will dominate 2020 and showcase the trend towards maximalism and saturated hues. 

Colour is a simple, yet powerful form of messaging.  It portrays a wide range of emotions without so much as a word.  Colour can highlight and camouflage. The role of colour in our life is so absolute that its power is hard to overestimate. 

As an enterprise driven by creativity, fashion appreciates how intrinsic colour is to design and messaging.  Colour can invoke emotion and inspire.  To discover exactly which colours are on the rise we sorted through 1000’s of social media images; analyzed colour charts; spoke to interior and fashion designers; and have deduced which colours will have the greatest growth in the next few years. 

Whether it’s a response to the minimalist obsession of recent years or a collective desire for self-expression, the idea that more is more has climbed to new heights.  From fashion to fine arts, we have been seeing a shift from the subtle to the sensational shades.  Pastel colours are giving way to bold saturated hues. 

Discover the new hues that will climb to fame in 2020

Lush Lava

Like its namesake, this bold and fiery orange-red can’t help but stand out.  It’s a radiant blend of blazing orange and rich red, two hues that are eye-catching in their own rights.   From the brilliant glow of a stunning sunset to the burning embers of a roaring fireplace, this vibrant hue isn’t afraid to confidently stand out in a crowd.

This shade represents happiness, love, and good health.

fashion trends 2020

Aqua Menthe

Rooted in its sparkling semi-precious origins and reminiscent of luxurious, ocean-front shorelines, this bright hue evokes ‘look at me now’ in a decidedly calm way. Aqua Menthe is a mix of cyan and mint—two colors that are individually pleasing to the eye but together become an even more stunning shade. It fondly brings to mind summer vacations and the crystal-clear waters of Bora Bora.

The bright, yet serene tone is perfect for conveying a playful, modern, and outgoing personality.

fashion trends for 2020

Phantom Blue

Famously used in van Gogh’s Starry Night, this deep saturated indigo-navy perfectly illustrated the dramatic skies around a glowing moon. Today, it makes just as striking a statement with its sophisticated allure. Whether in the exaggerated shadows of a popular nightclub or a new pair of dark denim jeans, this shade mesmerizes the eye with its rich depth.

Darker tones communicate stability, trustworthiness, and sophistication—and Phantom Blue is no exception. While it’s striking on its own, it’s also the perfect companion for pops of bright, contrasting colors such as the aforementioned Lush Lava and Aqua Menthe. This versatility hasn’t escaped creatives in Australia, Germany, and Spain, where its popularity is booming.

fashion colour trends 2020