Chanel has always been a favourite of mine.  And while I haven't got one piece of the iconic brand in my closet, I have many pieces inspired by Chanel.  And inspiration is what fashion is for me.  I have learned that even the "big" names don't have merit or value in my fashion world (aka my closet) unless they inspire me. 

Even as a young girl, I loved to take the looks of the designers and make them into Barbie clothes and later on my own clothes.  My mother taught me to sew and even though I was very much a tomboy, I always loved fashion and love creating something that was expressing me. 

Today, I still feel that same way.  

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So when I look back at Karl's Lagerfeld's last collection (Fall/Winter 2019) I can't help look to the brand Chanel to feel inspired to create looks and shapes that will inspire myself and you!

How to Layer Like a Designer

how to layer fashion file for spring 2020

Layers have been a personal favourite of mine.  I think it's because I'm a Prairie girl! (All weather systems in one day, anyone?!).  Most top end designers layer their outfits like crazy.  Print on print, colour blocking, belts, sweaters, pile it all on!  

I like to approach layering like building a yummy meal.  Sure you can just have meat and potatoes or you can have a rosemary and red wine infused standing rib roast with au jus paired with carmelized onions and garlic mashed potatoes, asparagus and Gordon Ramsey's Yorkshire pudding.  See what I mean?  Not only am I now hungry, I am inspired!

  1. Start with your meat and potatoes:  Top with culottes for example.
  2. Create a colour story.  You can then easily add prints textures for your layers.  We used warm spring tones for example 1 and black and grey with a pop of colour for example 2.
  3. Add on your layers. If you were to dress for the "movie of your life" what would you need?  Are you a fun and fearless liquor rep?  Dress professional and eclectic with your layers. Are you a traveling exec? Flight friendly and crease proof layers are your answer.
  4. Be mindful of your body type.  Layers should accentuate your shape not overwhelm it.
  5. Be BOLD.  Have some fun and try new combinations.  Do a dress up party in your own closet or come on in store to get inspired with new ways to layer!

how to layer fashion file from stylist Kelly Wollf

how to layer with inspired from Chanel

 Love it but not confident on how to do it?  Come on in store to get a free styling session on how to layer like a pro!

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Written by Kelly Campbell

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