Modern Textiles
If I had a nickel for every time someone said, "I should have just kept my mother's dresses!", I would be a millionaire! But my reply always is you don't want the fabrics from back then. Anyone who wore fortrel can attest to the fact that the polyester fabric popular in the 60's and 70's was scratchy and itchy; plus it smelled! Today, we have the technology and the education to do better. So much better!
It is incredible to me to think in a time of the original "hippy" movement that a fabric so plastic was prevalent. I see a movement, not a trend, to commit to better fabric. There are so many reasons to do so.
natural fibers in fashion
Did you know spandex is a petroleum product? It's made of polyurethane. I'm not ditching stretch fabrics by any means, but it is an education in textiles and I am researching and finding Oeko-Tex (a worldwide certification system for environmentally friendly and socially responsible production facilities in the textile and clothing industry) certified clothing and fabrics. I am also sourcing out more eco-friendly fibers like Tencel (made of tree pulp and a closed loop production). Bamboo is also a favourite! We have the Gilmour Spring 2021 collection in our online only collection PLUS the Kelly Wollf line has chic, comfortable, professional lounge wear in bamboo jersey, French terry and cotton.
I am also in love with 100%.
100% cotton or linen are the forerunners in my design studio. I have found a Canadian textile mill that does 100% cotton interlock fabric for t-shirts, dresses, cardigan, whatever I can imagine! We also will be bringing our home lounge collection--100% cotton "house" pants and jackets.
Japan + Scandinavian = Japandi
Interior design meets C'est Sera + Kelly Wollf
I have been lusting after the Japanese rustic minimalist aesthetic and have always been attracted to Scandinavian functionality. Plus, you guessed it, both design aesthetics rely on a lot of 100% natural fibres. Many interior designers speak of these two influences in terms of storage solutions, colour palettes and furniture. But, what about clothing design?
Japanese and Scandinavian style
How can you not think of Japanese design influence when you're seeing bamboo prints and bamboo based fabrics? Think kimono jackets and wide legged pants over dresses. My long time love for the practical and beautiful influence of Scandinavia can be seen in on the mark sustainable fabrics, all season basics and a colour palette that comes right out of the Scandinavian country side. Think button front dresses to double as dusters, quirky layering of toques worn with flowing dresses and superb all season fabrics.
I think Japandi is a trend that isn't a trend. It's about classic clean lines, simple but warm colours and textures that are perfect to fall in love with. It's speaks to slow fashion with strong layering to suit style and weather. And it sings my song!
Not only will Kelly Wollf design have collections from these super fabrics and design, we will be focusing our ready made collections to feture the best in design and fabrics.  Modern textiles should be the star of your closet.  Commitment to slow fashion and sustainable textiles is easy when it looks and feels this good!
Written by Kelly Campbell Duguid

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