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Yes Please To The Sleeve!
It isn't because I had been watching Bridgerton that I fell in love with sleeves. I started showing the bishop sleeve in my Kelly Wollf collection last spring, Iris Setlakwe showed bishop sleeves in this past fall collection and our European collections have been showcasing the sleeve since early last spring.
This Spring season I'm in love love love!
types of sleeve details
There are so many sleeve details and types to fall in love with. All our collections are showing sleeve with personality. I personally love this focus on sleeves as they are a lovely way to stay cozy and covered. In the past sleeves could make a top or dress feel dowdy, but now it is quite the opposite! Sleeves are taking the centre stage of fashion--from ruffle edges to full flowing bishop sleeves, we will have so many options to show you!
Bishop sleeve: billowy sleeves that gather at the cuffed or elastic bottom
Kimono: Wide sleeves with no taper
Flounce: like a circle skirt for your sleeve. full and flowing.
Juliet: long tight sleeve with a puff at the top
And then there's more... lantern, raglan, tulip, bell...
Better yet, these styles are starting to roll into C'est Sera and some online too. So check it out and see what we have up our sleeve this season!
Written by Kelly Campbell Duguid

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