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Making A Habit of Local

Posted by Kelly Campbell Duguid on

Autumn is here!


I love the Autumn. Warm days that spiral into cool nights. The tapestry of yellow and rust that tells me the Earth is getting ready for a Winter's rest. The moose are ambling through my acreage and they are absolutely stunning and a sign that Autumn is truly here. Animals in the wild instinctively get ready for the season's change. I think we need to do it as well.

In the spirit of change and not waiting for 2021 New Year's resolutions, I have been thinking of habits. Good habits and bad habits. My quick research says that it takes 21 days to make a habit and 90 days to make it a permanent lifestyle change.

It will be January 1, 2021 in 93 more sleeps. So I am committing to make the habit of shopping local. As much local as I can get. You might say, "I do that already, Kelly". But do you really? You need towels... where do you go? (really, where do you go as I need towels and sheets and need to know!) Is your morning coffee Starbucks or Kicking Horse? Where did you get your new boots from? Are your underpants from Victoria Secret?

It's a easy habit to go to the big box stores. It's a habit I am encouraging you to break. The pandemic has put a microscope on local. In a good way! We talk about eating local (please keep doing this!) but don't always talk about shopping local. Fashion, footwear, homewares, groceries, electronics, office goods, art supplies, fabrics (because we are all making masks!), undergarments, eyewear... and more!

C'est Sera is chock full of ah-mazing clothing, accessories and footwear for Autumn 2020 and we hope that we are part of your habit of shopping local. Our city, our country is also full of talent.  It's time to get really patriotic and put our mouth where our money is.  Don't just talk about shopping local, do it!  Not only do we depend on it, our designers and artisans do too.

We are real human beings that love a chat, fashion and our local scene. C'mon in and see us! Online or in-store we are your local and are grateful for your support #wecandothis #together


xx Kelly + the Wollf Pack
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