The Zoë Method Virtual Workshop

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The Zoë Joy Method is a transformative multi-modality approach that delves deeply into your unique journey, empowering you to discover your personal path to joy and wellness.

Facilitated by Kelly Campbell Duguid, this immersive online workshop consists of 7 weekly sessions designed to illuminate your path to clarity, joy, and purpose.

Through a collaborative exploration of your individual journey you will learn how to go from uncertain and unclear to empowered and fulfilled.  The Zoë  Method takes mind-body practices roots them in science and helps to give you the freedom to go through life with joy, purpose and clarity. 

Throughout the 7 sessions, you'll embark on a journey of self-discovery, equipped with learning materials, workbooks, guided meditations, and a supportive sharing environment—all conveniently accessible from the comfort of your own space via Zoom.

Are you ready to illuminate your path and embrace a life of fulfillment? Join me on the journey with The Zoë Joy Method virtual workshop.


  • You are ready to step up and open up to make a positive impact in your life
  • You have access to a computer and internet connectivity that will support the Zoom platform and the virtual learning
  • Available virtually for 7 sessions

Price: $525 + GST

Seminar Day: 7 Seminars Wed 6:00-8:00
Start Date: May 29 - July 10